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A little late but here's Richie's news!

Final results from the TCA Thoroughbred Makeover are in! Abandonedandbroke (Richie), who last raced in January, received the highest and only scores of 95 that judges Bernie Traurig and David Hopper awarded throughout the entire competition! The 95 awarded by each judge was in recognition of Richie's training on the flat, out of some 500 scores given throughout the day. Richie finished the flat section with an average of 91.3, well ahead of the next highest score of 85.

The field hunter judges, Penny Denegre, MFH Middleburg Hunt, Jeffrey Blue, MFH Middleburg Hunt, and Terry Paine, MFH Sante Fe West Hills Hunt, also gave Richie top scores for his flatwork. He was the only horse to receive 9 points out of 10 from any of the judges.

Overall, Richie placed 7th out of 43 in the showjumping, and 5th in the field hunter division!

My thanks to Kellen Rowe Brady for his help in finding Richie and bringing him home from Charles Town racetrack, and Debbie Sherwood for caring for Richie so diligently! Thanks too, to Jessica Martin, osteopath extroardinaire, and Shawn Kroner for keeping his feet in order.

Richie was sponsored by Horse Sense feeds and is now offered for sale!

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