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Lessons - Competition Riders

We utilise our enormous arena to prepare horses and riders for showjumping - both for pure showjumping or showjumping for eventing.

Showjumping versions of cross country questions improve rideability for both disciplines.

Practice over full courses, designed by international course designers, and on good footing, encourage horses to jump courses boldly and with confidence.

Because our horses in training are taught one small step at a time, and rewarded clearly and generously along the way, they are happy and even anxious to work. We have enormous patience and believe that the horse wants to succeed, and wants to please. Contact us for more info on our training program!

Horse Training

Recreational riders need not feel intimidated by the size of our arena or course! We break down elements into easily conquerable smaller steps, helping riders to end their jump session with a feeling of accomplishment.

Lessons - Recreational Riders
Middleburg Academy Equestrian Team

The Middleburg Academy Equestrian Team was founded in 2013 with four riders, which doubled to eight riders in 2014, and in that season we sent our first rider to Regionals. It is expected the team will grow again for the 2015 season, which will help it become a contender for team placings. The team competes in Interscholastic Equestrian Association competitions against other schools in the region on borrowed horses which are determined by a draw the morning of the competition.

Click Here to learn about Richie our Thoroughbred Makeover horse!

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